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Using a MaxSonar for Flight

Drone Weight

“What goes up, must come down.” One of the biggest considerations for how much time a UAV spends in the air is weight. This means that every ounce affects the UAV. We design our sensors to be small, compact, and lightweight. Our recommended sensors for UAVs weigh approximately 5.8 grams.

Simple & Reliable Interface

What is more fun? Flying a UAV autonomously or coding how to read a sensor? We took the complicated integration out, so that you can add cool features to your UAV such as GPS navigation and cameras for aerial photography.

Our sensors include multiple outputs for simple integration. Our interfaces include Analog Voltage, Pulse Width, Serial Data, and I2C. Many popular modules, including the APM 2.6, already have sensor libraries for faster integration.

Our free-running operation simplifies user code and setup. Our sensors are designed to be low cost so users can implement several ultrasonic sensors onto a single airframe. This gives the UAV a wider field of view using the data output from the ultrasonic sensors.

Full Evaluation

MaxBotix Inc., engineers have written a full evaluation that covers correct sensor mounting and installation. The best MaxSonar sensors were identified in the evaluation and recommended.

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