Application Notes

126 - Notes on Underwater Ranging124 - Important Considerations for Using an Ultrasonic Sensor Inside of a Pipe
070 - Snow Sensor Mounting Notes037 - Kiosk Sensors & People Detection

126 – Notes on Underwater Ranging

Key Takeaways MaxBotix Inc., will not warranty sensors used for underwater ranging Underwater ranging is possible, but may be a difficult task Underwater ranging requires adjusting for acoustic differences between air and water MaxBotix Inc., produces high performance, ultrasonic precision in-air rangefinders. Our rangefinders provide high accuracy and resolution for in-air target detection. We focus…
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124 – Important Considerations for Using an Ultrasonic Sensor Inside of a Pipe

Key Takeaways Successful operation of an ultrasonic sensor inside a pipe has strict pipe requirements Ultrasonic sensor performance is limited by the principles of physics It is possible to get accurate results in a pipe, however, many factors must be accounted for to achieve success Many customers have requested the option to mount an ultrasonic…
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070 – Snow Sensor Mounting Notes

MaxBotix Inc., has recently released a reliable, high accuracy, and inexpensive sensors for precision snow depth measurement. The MB7334, MB7344, MB7354, MB7364, MB7374, & MB7384 HRXL‑MaxSonar‑WR Ultrasonic Snow Sensors are an evolution of our HRXL-MaxSonar-WR product line. In the real world snow environment, at our facilities in northern Minnesota, this sensor line was proven and optimized,…
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037 – Kiosk Sensors & People Detection

People Detection Ultrasonic Sensors & Kiosk Sensors Key Takeaways People are traditionally a challenging target for ultrasonic sensor MaxBotix® Inc., offers ultrasonic proximity sensors that reliably detect people Proximity information is minimally affected by sensor cross-talk People Detection Many ultrasonic sensor applications require the user to detect people in an environment. MaxBotix® Inc., provides ultrasonic…
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