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SCXL‑MaxSonar‑WR Products

The SCXL-MaxSonar-WR sensor line introduces an effective self-cleaning ultrasonic sensor with the capability to reduce the impact of condensation in closed or high-moisture (dew, frost, etc.) environments. This sensor is a cost-effective solution for applications where precision range-finding, low-voltage operation, space saving, cost-effective, self-cleaning, and IP67 weather resistance rating is needed. This innovative sensor component module allows users of other, more costly precision rangefinders to lower the cost of their systems without sacrificing performance.

The SCXL-MaxSonar-WR self-cleaning ultrasonic sensor line provides high accuracy and high resolution ultrasonic proximity detection and ranging in air, with an IP67 weather resistant rating. This sensor line features 1-mm resolution, target-size and operating-voltage compensation for improved accuracy, superior rejection of outside noise sources, internal speed‑of‑sound temperature compensation, and optional external speed-of-sound temperature compensation. The SCXL‑MaxSonar‑WR/WRC self-cleaning models are available in 5-meter or 10-meter models. Models are available with analog voltage output, RS232 Serial output (select models) or TTL Serial output (select models), and pulse width output.