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4-20SC‑MaxSonar‑WR Products

The 4-20SC MaxSonar-WR sensors are industrial, high-resolution, ultrasonic detectors. Featuring hardy PVC housing that is specifically designed to satisfy IP67 water intrusion standards, these sensors provide short to long distance detection and ranging with a narrow beam pattern. The 4-20SC-MaxSonar-WR ultrasonic detectors have high power output, auto calibration, noise rejection, factory calibrated beam patterns, and even temperature compensation. It is recommended for users to select the right sensor that suits their application. We have models available in 4-20mA or a 20-4mA output. By choosing the 4-20mA output, note that 4mA is the minimum reported distance with 20mA being the maximum reported range; the 20-4mA outputs have this signal reversed.

The 4-20SC-MaxSonar-WR sensor line features an effective self-cleaning capability designed to reduce the impact of condensation in closed or high-moisture (dew, frost, etc.) environments. This ultrasonic detector is a cost-effective solution for applications where precision range-finding, low-voltage operation, space saving, low-cost, self-cleaning, and IP67 weather resistance rating is needed.

Controlled Narrow Beam Shape

Similar ultrasonic detectors may have frequent side lobe detection and can falsely trigger on objects behind or to the sides of the sensor. The 4 20SC MaxSonar WR offers a controlled narrow beam designed to reject small objects (clutter) outside of the central beam area and provides long range sensitivity without detecting frivolous or unwanted targets.