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4-20HR‑MaxSonar‑WR Products

Our industrial high-resolution outdoor 4mA to 20mA sensors have a robust PVC housing designed to meet IP67 water intrusion. These sensors provide short to long distance detecting and ranging with a narrow beam pattern. These ultrasonic outdoor sensors have high power output, noise rejection, auto calibration, temperature compensation, and factory calibrated beam patterns. Users should select the 4-20HR-MaxSonar-WR sensor with their outputs of choice and that matches their application. Models are available as 4mA to 20mA or 20-4mA output. On the 4-20mA output, 4mA is the minimum reported distance whereas 20mA being the maximum reported range. The 20-4mA outputs have this signal reversed.

In addition to the standard 4-20HR-MaxSonar-WR exposed material, MaxBotix Inc. has developed the F-Option for additional protection necessary in a few hazardous chemical environments. Extremely corrosive gases or liquids can degrade or compromise the operation of the sensing unit. As a result, we offer a more chemically inert seal which allows our sensors to operate in all but the harshest chemical environments. In addition to the chemical resistance the sensor has improved performance in wet or dust environments.